Prime video’s “Hunters” final season is cleaner than it’s first

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Prime video’s “Hunters” final season is cleaner than it’s first

The second and final season of Amazon Prime Video’s Hunters series returned this week, following a three-year hiatus. The show follows a fictional crew of civilians in late ’70s New York who take out Nazis hiding in the US. In the first season, the team uncovered a German conspiracy to birth a Fourth Reich on American soil and discovered that one of their own was a former member of the Nazi regime. This season, the prize is much more significant – hunting Adolf Hitler. An improvement on the original season, with just a tad less gore the season still has enough of the pulpy comic book feel fans of Hunters have grown to love. I also enjoyed the fact that expanded roles were given to more screen time was given to actors Jerrika Hinton (Agent Millie Morris) and Kate Mulvany (Sister Harriet). And somehow show creators David Weil and executive producer Jordan Peele even found a way to bring the series biggest star, Al Pacino, back through a series of flashbacks. Read my review at The Wrap.

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