This journey actually started on theblerdgurl tumblr page, which was my vehicle for rants about mainstream comics and raves about all things geek. Well after this post went viral and people really responded to this one and this one as well, My goal is to provide commentary and perspective from the often overlooked black nerd demographic, from a snarky female point of view.

Since then, I produced a web series, I have my own weekly column at SYFYWire, where I also co-host a weekly podcast. Speaking of podcasts, please check out my podcast as well as The Radical Geeks which I record live with my co-host Angélique Roché in the basement of a Brooklyn comic book shop. When I’m not podcasting, I’m streaming anime, reading comics, writing about representation in pop culture, hosting live events or running up and down red carpets.

I also had my very first published piece in this book. (Please buy it!)

Hi! I'm Karama! I'm a Brooklyn blerd, journalist and content creator fueled by coffee and comics. Anime is my orientation. Currently on one too many podcasts. Read More


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