Tokyo Ghoul S Hits Limited Theaters in US and Canada

Tokyo Ghoul S Hits Limited Theaters in US and Canada

The wildly successful manga Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida and one of my favorite anime by the same name was adapted into a live-action film in 2017. Now, half-ghoul Ken Kaneki (played once again by Masataka Kubota), returns in Tokyo Ghoul S, the live-action sequel., featuring Shuu Tsukiyama’s story arc.

All ghouls in the world of Tokyo Ghoul are shapeshifting human flesh-eating monsters that masquerade as humans. But, like vampires and zombies, they can’t stand the taste of human food and only feed on blood. Ken is rare, he is a half human-half ghoul, and like Blade’s daywalker, strives to fight the lesser half of what he has become. In Tokyo Ghoul S, he is now at the mercy of Shuu Tsukiyama (played by Shota Matsuda).

A man whom he thought was a friend, but in fact, is a collector of rare tasting humans which he and his elite ghoul associates feed on at parties. What will it take for Ken to survive Shuu’s insatiable appetite? Will they stay canon and stick to the manga storyline? Or did directors Takuya Kawasaki and Kazuhiko Hiramaki devise a new ending for theaters?

Tokyo Ghoul S is out now in select theaters in the US and Canada on 9/16. Watch the trailer below, and buy tickets here.

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