Artist Jonboy Meyers on SPAWN, Dragons and Cats

Artist Jonboy Meyers on SPAWN, Dragons and Cats

Jonboy Meyers read his very first comic on a military base. An Army brat with a military policeman father, his family moved around a lot before settling at Fort Carson, in Colorado Springs. Now and then his dad had to lock up drunk soldiers before they could cause any trouble. He usually just let the men dry out in the stockade overnight with some water and a few comic books to keep them from getting bored. The drunk soldiers’ loss was Meyers’ gain because his dad always brought a stack of those comics home for him to read. He was hooked from the start. Meyers, who describes himself as shy and “pudgy” before high school, found a safe space in between the pages of comics and his boxes of Transformers and G.I. Joe action figures… READ MORE

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