PODCAST: Regine Sawyer on WiNC and Being a Kickstarter Artist in Residence

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PODCAST: Regine Sawyer on WiNC and Being a Kickstarter Artist in Residence

On this episode, I sit down with Regine Sawyer, the founder of LockettDown Productions, Women in Comics Collective International and the upcoming WiNCCon which is in its 3rd year. She’s currently an artist-in-residence at Kickstarter. Find out all the amazing things that are involved with that program. Plus, what I think about Dark Phoenix happened, Black Mirror and how Apple is ditching iTunes and is selling is a very expensive new computer.

About Regine:

Regine L. Sawyer is the Owner, Writer and Publisher at Lockett Down Productions; a cutting edge small press comic book company. Publishing books such as The Rippers, Ice Witch, Eating Vampires; and the Children’s book Willa, the Weeping, Weeping Willow. She is also the Coordinator and Founder of the Women in Comics Collective International. An organization that focuses on highlighting the merit and craft work of women working in the comic book industry. Out of that organization grew that she has created WiNC Con. A convention that helps support women creators in the comics book space. Well, Regine was named a Kickstarter Artist in residence at the end of last year, and I took a little trip over to the Kickstarter offices here in Brooklyn, NY to see what all the fuss was about.

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Here are some links to what I talked about in this podcast:

WiNC Con EventBrite

Everything Apple from WWDC 

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