Youtube: Steve Aoki Talks Neon Future, Cyborgs and Cryogenics

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Youtube: Steve Aoki Talks Neon Future, Cyborgs and Cryogenics

Musician, DJ, and EDM super-producer Steve Aoki is obsessed with future tech. Singularity, Cryogenics, and human symbiosis with technology fascinate the Grammy-winning DJ and producer. Neon Future, the artistic vehicle with which he expresses those concepts is now a comic book series through Impact Theory Comics.

I was granted an interview with Steve Aoki at Midtown comics in New York recently to talk to him about the comic, his music and his view of the world. Not only did he tell me how he’s planning on freezing his body before he dies so that he can be brought back to life in the future, but also how the comic is an expression of larger conversations that he’s been having with futurists like Raymond Kurzweil, Bill Nye, Aubrey de Grey and even the late Stan Lee.  

Check out the interview below. And watch to the end for a special contest that Impact Theory, EA Sports and the Need for Speed Franchise are running!

Co-written by Aoki, Impact Theory founder Tom Bilyeu and award-winning comic book writer Jim Krueger, the story takes place in the future where there is a war brewing between cyborgs the Augmented, and those who are against cybernetic enhancements called the Authentic. When the leader of the Neon Future resistance Kita Sovee, decides to save the life of an enemy through augmentation, will it lead to war or broker peace?

The comic is primarily drawn by Neil Edwards, but the series has attracted some incredible artists such as Kim Jung Ji, Jheremy Raapack and Mau Lecinas who’ve contributed variants to the series.

Issues 1-3 of Neon Future are out now. Click Here to download the mobile game.

Neon Future #1 Jheremy Raapack Variant Cover

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