Artist Kim Jung Gi Recreates Stranger Things Through Art

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Artist Kim Jung Gi Recreates Stranger Things Through Art

If you don’t know who Korean artist Kim Jung Gi is. Stop what you’re doing right now and check his US website or the artist collective Superani. Kim Jung Gi (KJG for short) is traditional artist who prefers drawing with a Sumi brush on paper, (but I have seen him draw with sharpies on paper as well), he is a master at infusing emotion and perspective into his freehand work. Blessed with a semi-eidetic memory, KJG was recruited into the Special Forces during his mandatory service to the South Korean Army because of his ability to draw military weapons and vehicles in detail from memory. It’s this same technique that he used when Netflix called on him to draw his interpretation of Stranger Things from memory in this promotion for Season 3.

Two cameras and 15 hours later this is the result:

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