Youtube: Classic Scifi Streaming on Hulu September 2019

Youtube: Classic Scifi Streaming on Hulu September 2019

Some of you commented on my August Netflix video that you wanted to know what was coming out on Hulu. I was surprised to see how many classic scifi movies were dropping on the streaming service this month!. Here are my picks for what to sit back and watch on Hulu for September 2019. (And you don’t even have to wait, because everything on this list dropped on the 1st!) 

Yes, Wu-Tang: An American Saga made the list  because they are hardcore geeks and I explain why. The Matrix Trilogy is a must rewatch since Matrix 4 was just announced and Demolition Man is classic 90’s fun, and both Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 are out and are worth watching, if for nothing else but to laugh at the levels of fake blood used in production. I know every GenX Geek loves The Goonies, and it was definitely the inspo for Stranger Things. Rounding out horror is the 70’s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers with classic Leonard Nimoy, Donald Sutherland and a young and cute Jeff Goldblum. And finally, Unbreakable, a movie that didn’t get rave reviews when it first came out, but is one of my fave superhero origin stories.

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