New Indie Superhero Series Keloid Comes to Youtube


New Indie Superhero Series Keloid Comes to Youtube

The Black TV & Film Collective (BTFC) has released a new sci-fi drama Keloid, created by BTFC founder and accomplished producer, Huriyyah Muhammad, and brought to life along with the contributions of over 20 BTFC members. The narrative focuses on a mother and son’s journey to reconcile his coming of age, while figuring out how to navigate newfound telekinetic/telepathic powers that he neither wants nor is able to control. Season one of Keloid contains seven episodes and one new episode will be released per week. Episode 1 dropped Thursday, July 13th at 12pm ET.

Check out the Keloid Trailer Below!

Watch Episode One here:

Remember, new episodes drop every Thursday at 12pm ET by the Black TV & Film Collective. Check them out!

Main Cast
Keloid- David Nixon
Marielle- Aba Woodruff
Aisha- Kenna Dixon
Blake- Frederic Jean
Omar- Reynaldo Piniella
Evelyn – Jessica Fontaine


About BTFC

BTFC is a 501c3 non-profit organization based out of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Initially started as a casual group of people fed up with the lack of diversity and inclusion in television and film, early members decided to take action by banding together to share knowledge, resources and help each other make work. The collective saw their numbers grow exponentially week by week and decided to become something more official and formal for their community. Now boasting over 1200 members, they host workshops, classes, networking events, showcases, and create hands on opportunities through original projects such as Keloid.

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