PODCAST: Malcolm Barrett on Acting, Activism and Allies

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PODCAST: Malcolm Barrett on Acting, Activism and Allies

So today my guest today is actor, writer and playwright Malcolm Barrett. Many of you remember him as Lem from Better off Ted and Rufus from the sci-fi show Timeless but he’s also a playwright and rapper, (his alias is “Verbal”.) In addition, he’s also the co-founder and artistic director of the nonprofit Los Angeles-based Ammunition Theatre Company. You may have also seen him on a hilarious episode of Blackman Beyond with my previous guest Hollywood scriptwriter and podcaster Marc Bernardin.

In this conversation, we talk about growing up in Brooklyn, his very first speaking role, the hazards of auditioning while black, whey he hates basketball and how he literally has a license to poet.  We also have a serious convo about why Malcolm is so discerning about picking roles, what it’s like being an actor an activist right now, and where he would take the Lifeboat (Timeless’ time machine) if he had it right now. We laughed, we cried, this was one emotional roller coaster folks but Ir really hope you enjoy it.

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  • Keith July 1, 2020 at 12:25 am

    Excellent interview! Both of you are great. Keep up the good fight.

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