Altered Carbon’s Jihae is an underrated multitalented artist

Altered Carbon’s Jihae is an underrated multitalented artist

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Jihae is a singer, songwriter, actress, and activist. She’s also the very first face you see in Season 2 of Altered Carbon (Netflix), but there is more to her role and her talents than meets the eye.

She and her siblings were born in Korea, but since her father was a diplomat, the family moved around quite a bit, which is why she speaks four languages: French, Swedish, Korean, and English (the latter two she speaks fluently). Singing came naturally (both her mother and grandmother wanted to be opera singers), but acting did not.

It’s hard to believe that Jihae’s first formal acting gig was just four years ago on National Geographic’s Mars. The docudrama from executive producer Ron Howard followed a series of astronauts on a mission to colonize Mars. In the series, which was intercut with real-world 2016 scientific commentary, Jihae played dual roles: both astronaut Hana Seung and Mission Control Capsule Communicator Joon Seung, Hana’s twin sister back on Earth.

National Geographic
Credit: National Geographic

But her breakout role was as Anna Fang — the rebel environmentalist and leader of the Anti-Traction League — in the Peter Jackson-produced Mortal Engines. With a scarlet trench, ornate hand cannon, and winged eyeliner that could cut glass, Jihae’s screen presence was so profound that original author Philip Reeve wrote an entire book, Night Flight, about her character.

Check out my full interview with Jihae here

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