Welcome to Stream This!

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Welcome to Stream This!

Welcome to Stream This! My new video series up posting on Youtube and IGTV, Where I shoutout all of my favorite genre shows on streaming. Everything from superhero movies and shows, to science fiction series to anime and even a little bit of horror. (Yes, even me). I am breaking down a bunch of my faves and share them with you. 

Even before the pandemic and our new self-quarantined lives, there were a LOT of streaming services dropping this year. Since then, so many shows and movies have decided to hit streaming. It can be a little overwhelming to figure out what to watch. Well, you are a long time fan of theblerdgurl, you know what I’m into, but if you’re new around here, I’m not always yelling about blockbusters either. There are a few gems that I have found that go unnoticed because of timing or advertising budget that really are worth taking a look at. 

I’m talking about my faves from the past, worth a rewatch, as well as new and notable content. And this is INTERACTIVE! I want to hear from you and check out some of what you’re watching as well. So definitely hit me in the comments on the channel or on IGTV with your suggestions. 

Ready? Lets do this.

Stream This Episode 1
Stream This episode 2

Stream This Episode 2

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