Why Besties Vita Ayala and Danny Lore teamed up on comic ‘Quarter Killer’

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Why Besties Vita Ayala and Danny Lore teamed up on comic ‘Quarter Killer’

When Vita Ayala ( (Shuri, Age of X-Man: Prisoner X, Xena ) and Danny Lore (Queen of Bad Dreams)) were stocking shelves at New York’s big downtown comic book and toy shop Forbidden Planet back in 2009, they began coming up with the idea for Quarter Killer. Friends for life, Ayala and Lore hammered out the story for 10 years in the background while their respective careers took off, eventually adding artist Jamie Jones (Five Ghosts) to the project. And when Comixology came looking for new content? They were ready.

Quarter Killer follows Quentin Kidd, a queer ex-corporate computer hacker who offers their services to those willing to pay with legal tender… specifically, quarters. The action kicks off when Aya, a little girl whose father gets kidnapped, comes to Quentin for help with only a bot and the coins her Dad left her. In this edition of Indie Comics Spotlight, SYFY WIRE talked to the creative team behind Quarter Killer about their creative process, Quentin’s world, and why our money is no good there.  READ MORE

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