The Black Panther Production Team Shares Hidden Symbols In The Movie

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The Black Panther Production Team Shares Hidden Symbols In The Movie

Have you purchased your Black Panther BluRay yet? Better Hurry up! If you’re impatient you can always purchase the digital version. Marvel’s Black Panther is a breathtaking movie. From the first time T’challa’s ship flies through the cloaking mirage into Wakanda, to the Vibranium laced African costume designs and the new kinetic Black Panther suit, to Killmonger and T’challa’s heated exchanges, this movie makes an impact. Back in February, after I attended the Black Panther Premiere, I had the privilege of interviewing 3 members of the Black Panther production team: Oscar-nominated production designer Hannah Beachler (Moonlight, Beyoncé “Lemonade”), Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth E. Carter (SelmaRootsChi-Raq), and co-writer Joe Robert Cole (American Crime StoryAmber Lake). Not only did they share their incredible attention to details (Hannah’s Production Bible is legendary), but they also shared hidden symbols in the movie that you’ll want to read before you watch it at home. READ MORE HERE




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