Podcast: LeSean Thomas discusses working with his heroes on Yasuke anime

LeSean Thomas, Yasuke

Podcast: LeSean Thomas discusses working with his heroes on Yasuke anime

This little podcast interview is a conversation that I had with the creator, co-writer and animator LeSean Thomas about Netflix Animation’s Yasuke. A trippy mech fantasy anime loosely based on the real life Black samurai of the same name. He co-produced the project with award-wining actor Lakeith Stanfield and Grammy Award winning visionary artist and musician Flying Lotus. The show was written by Nick Jones, Jr. (I have an interview coming up with him soon).

LeSean Thomas on the anime Yasuke for Netflix Animation

Now a portion of the interview is up on NERDIST (and if you’d like to learn more about the show itself please check out the link in the show notes. That article dropped the week the show came out on Netflix but I wanted you to hear the full convo because it’s really interesting. We discuss his previous anime work, Canon Busters and Children of Ether and the man that inspired Yasuke. We also talk about what it was like working with some of his anime heroes. 


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