Podcast: Cress Williams and the legacy of Black Lightning

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Podcast: Cress Williams and the legacy of Black Lightning

Welcome back to another episode of theblerdgurl podcast! This episode I had the pleasure of speaking with actor and CW Black Lightning star Cress Williams.Now last episode I spoke with actress Erika Alexander who played Perenna on Black Lightning, but that’s not the first time Erika and Cress have worked together. In fact, his second acting role ever was as Terrence “Scooter” Williams, Khadijah’s love interest on Living Single. That’s the show that Erika played the iconic Maxine Shaw and Khadija of course was played by the incomparable Queen Latifah.

Cress Williams measures the social impact of Black Lightning

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Photo Courtesy The CW/Warner Brothers Television

We talk about his career and all of the amazing guest stars. (He’s a Robert Townsend fanboy). This conversation happened right before the series finale of Black Lightning back in May. We talk about what the show looks like in the rearview mirror, his favorite moments from on set and how hard it was shooting the series finale, and I don’t mean emotionally. Everything went wrong in the last month of shooting!


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