Youtube: How Alita: Battle Angel Pays Homage to it’s Manga Origins

alita battle angel

Youtube: How Alita: Battle Angel Pays Homage to it’s Manga Origins

My Interview with Producer Jon Landau and WETA Digital Director Joe Letteri about the upcoming film.

Remember a few weeks ago, when I got a chance to go to New Zealand?* Well, here’s why I was there. The folks at 20th Century Fox were nice enough to fly me out to Wellington, New Zealand on a press tour of WETA Digital, WETA Workshop and to meet the team behind the upcoming GUNMM manga and anime adaptation Alita: Battle Angel. This is the first in a series of posts and videos from that press junket that I’ll be sharing about the movie, my trip and the experience.

In this interview, I got a chance to talk to Jon Landau, the producer of Alita Battle Angel as well as the Director of WETA Digital Joe Letteri. One thing that Landau talked about repeatedly on the trip was Director Robert Rodriguez (who I got to meet in a video I’ll share soon), and executive producer James Cameron’s commitment to Yukito Kishiro’s original manga. Letteri stressed the fact that WETA really couldn’t have made Alita without Avatar being done first. (I keep forgetting that that movie premiered almost 10 years ago!) I got access to a little more exclusive footage that you may have seen in the trailers and was able to include that in the video below as well.

Take a look and please subscribe and comment so that you don’t miss my upcoming interviews with the stars Rosa Salazar and Academy Award Winner Christoph Walz as well as how I finally got to meet Robert Rodriguez…while wearing a totally unflattering mocap suit. Yeah. That happened. Coming soon!

*My trip to New Zealand and WETA Digital was sponsored by 20thCenturyFox

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