Blerdgurl Visits: Ignorant Bliss Podcast

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Blerdgurl Visits: Ignorant Bliss Podcast

I did not get a chance to meet comic book veteran artist Julian Lytle in person until 2016 at Awesome Con, but he’s so laid back and cool, it’s like talking to one of my cousins. So, of course I said yes when Julian invited me onto his podcast Ignorant Bliss. For over two hours we talked about EVERYTHING. From comics to anime, podcasts to bad social media behavior and of course diversity. (I think we even tangentially talked about chocolate and my mother at one point). So if you want to listen to something while you’re working on your art, or cleaning your apartment, this is the podcast to listen to this week. 🙂 And if you’re looking for a list of the awesome music that Julian plays throughout the episode, check out the show notes. Enjoy!

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