PODCAST: Yedoye Travis on anime, NASCAR and that time Dave Chappelle came to his show

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PODCAST: Yedoye Travis on anime, NASCAR and that time Dave Chappelle came to his show

Welcome to my first theblerdgurl podcast episode of the New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is relaxed, rested and not….completely freaking out that WWIII might be imminent. Hopefully, my interview this week will cheer you up, however. My guest is writer, comedian and actor Yedoye Travis. Many of you might know Yedoye from his podcast the Dark Tank as well as the youtube webshow Get In the Robot. He’s also writing for TV and acting in commercials as well. He is absolutely hilarious and he’s a really talented guy that has been blowing up. And I’m excited for you to hear this episode.

One thing I’m trying to do this year is to give you more content, more often, so I’m going to be digging in the vault sometimes and giving you access to some past interviews that didn’t make the podcast. This episode is the first of those. I recorded this conversation with Yedoye last year at NYCC 2019 and we talk a lot about anime, his hilarious podcast Dark Tank (and that Time that Dave Chappelle visited the live show). Plus, Yedoye is also writing for a new Kevin James show coming to Netflix about a NASCAR pit crew. 

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