PODCAST: Why Daisy Lightfoot is actually Princess Shuri of Wakanda

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PODCAST: Why Daisy Lightfoot is actually Princess Shuri of Wakanda

My last episode was a bit of a departure, because I really wanted to address the COVID 19 pandemic and I also wanted to get you resources for dealing with the situation. If you missed that episode, please go back and take a listen, because a lot of the tips are still valid. Please let me know on social if those were helpful to you. We can’t cure heard from some of you already about it. But as always, I love hearing from you. But this week, we’re back to our regularly scheduled interviews with actors creators and all-around interesting people in the world of geekdom. And this week I’m talking with actress and voiceover artist Daisy Lightfoot.

Now, this is another interview that I had back in February before everything went to hell, but it’s still fun none the less. Now you’ve heard DAisy’s voice if you watched the animated series Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panthers Quest which came out not long after the hit movie. She was the voice of T’Challa’s sister Shuri, yep, that was her! But that’s not all she’s done. For those of you who caught my written interview with Daisy over at SYFY, this is the full audio of that interview.

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Her voice can be heard in games such as Horizon Zero Dawn, and the 2017 animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man where she actually voiced Electro. Lightfoot booked her dream job after that when Marvel asked her to voice Princess Shuri, the brilliant technologist and sister to Black Panther, opposite James Mathis III, in the animated series Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest on Disney XD.Since then, Lightfoot has played Shuri in several Disney properties: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther-Trouble in WakandaAvengers Assemble and Marvel Heroes Rising, for which she got her own special episode, Marvel Heroes Rising: Operation Shuri.


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