New Comedy #HashtagtheShow Launches on Amazon Prime and across streaming

that hashtag show, #Hashtagtheshow

New Comedy #HashtagtheShow Launches on Amazon Prime and across streaming

Joining the ranks of ensemble POC comedy shows like Netflix’s Astronomy Club and HBO’s The Black Lady Sketch Show is a new weekly web series, “#HashtagTheShow.” The series will be available starting at 2pm on April 15th and air through May 27th. Created by sibling writer and Producer duo Aisha Jordan (Black Nerd Problems, 2Nerds and an Actor Podcast) and Rafael Jordan (Law & Order SVU, Godfather of Harlem), the series debuts today across multiple streaming services, including Amazon Prime. YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram through the Hashtagtheshow IGTV page. The 6 episode season includes a bonus throwback Thursday episode showing the producers’ early sketches in raw form. The series aims to highlight the nuances of black and POC life with wit, satire, and over the top exaggeration. Taking the viewer from the brainstorming sessions in the writer’s room to outlandish fully realized sketches.

#HashtagtheWho Trailer

The web series turns a critical and hilarious eye to current events and popular culture. From cultural appropriation Halloween, modern tv ridiculousness, diet crazes and mumble rap realness. #HashtagTheShow reminds you to laugh – even when it hurts. And that’s something that we really need right now as so many are stuck at home unsure of what’s next in the middle of one of the worst pandemics in the world.

The series features actors Lacretta known for her role as Suzi Teplitsky in the romantic comedy Second Act with Jennifer Lopez and Tifah Johnson known for her role at Jess in Odd Mom Out. Also starring Leonard “Lenny” Douglas Thomas, known for his role as Dikahn in the BET dramatic series.

“#Hashtagtheshow is clever and speaks to many present-day issues people of color deal within a creative, unique yet relatable way….Kudos to Aisha and Rafael for creating this relevant modern content in a humorous and thought-provoking way!” – Cierra Pachecho (Emmy Award-Winning Editor, NBC)

that hashtag show, #hashtagtheshow theblerdgurl #
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