The 2nd Annual Women in Comics Convention is Coming!

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The 2nd Annual Women in Comics Convention is Coming!

LockettDown Productions and BronxHeroes are back with the 2nd Annual Women in Comics Collective NY International (WiNC for short) Convention. It’s held at Bronx Library Center (NYPL) 316 East Kingsbridge Road, Bronx, NY 10458  Saturday, March 12 from 11:00 AM7:00 PM and admission is FREEOne of the most awesome things about Bronx Heroes is that they are dedicated to the indie comic world. They give indie artists a chance to shine like industry veteran Alitha Martinez , who is currently working on Batgirl for Marvel but has her own project Yumi and Ever which she self-publishes through her company Artiststorm.  Regine Sawyer, owner of LockettDown Productions and creator of the Women in Comics Collective International as well as the Women In Comic Convention,  has several titles under her own publishing company. Which means she is not only creating comics herself she HIRES artists to work for her. LockettDown titles include Eating Vampires and The Rippers. These women have a wealth of real-world knowledge about the business of comics, art and what it takes to succeed in the largely white male-dominated comic book industry. If you are a woman or POC you really need to get ot this convention not just to support, but learn something.  This year the schedule and artists line up looks AMAZING. Check out the details below.

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