For a Limited Time Get Exclusive Discount on Midas Monkee Subscriptions!


For a Limited Time Get Exclusive Discount on Midas Monkee Subscriptions!

Midas Monkee, the independent, graphic novel company created by sculptor and artist Paul Louise-Julie is finally going to print with two of his most successful offerings, The Pack, a werewolf story set in ancient Khemet and Yohancé:The Ekanjeni Crystal, an “Afro Space Opera” set years in the future.

thepack_theblerdgurl_midas_monkeeMidas Monkee – The Pack

The Pack follows former Assassin Khenti who is now a fugitive from the Lotus Kingdom and running for his life. His only hope is to reunite with his brother Nekhet and escape to Nubia, but his encounter with a werewolf changes everything. To learn more about The Pack check out my review of the first issue here.


Midas Monkee – Yohancé

Yohancé: The Ekanjeni Crystal is more of an afrofuturistic space odyssey that follows a Master Thief on the hunt of a mysterious artifact that finds himself thrown into an ancient intergalactic conflict.  To learn more about Yohancé, check out this review.

Up until now, Midas Monkee has only offered it’s works digitally. But a successful kickstarter proved that many people are also interested in seeing print offerings of his properties. (As of today he has fulfilled ALL of his kickstarter requests and is making deliveries).

Now Louise-Julie is rolling out pre-orders for The Pack and Yohancé to make the properties available in print to a wider audience. And he is offering a special discount code* to theblerdgurl followers who subscribe to both titles.

But the discount is only valid through April 15 so hurry!



The Pack Subscription

Save 15% off on The Pack Subscriptions

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Yohancé Subscription

Save 15% off on Yohancé Subscriptions

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