DC Launches New Streaming Service Plus New TITANS Scene on Batman Day

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DC Launches New Streaming Service Plus New TITANS Scene on Batman Day

For those of you who were unaware, September 15, 2018 was officially Batman Day. The fifth annual holiday of DC and Batman fans. (For those of you Marvel fans who haven’t stopped playing Spider-Man PS4 since it dropped last week, take a break and check out some of what went on today).  On top of the comic book sales, toys and even special treats for kids it was also the day that DC Comics launched it’s new streaming service DC Universe. (Not to be confused with the DC gaming app DC Universe Online). The service has been teased for months. Mostly to promote several new original series,TITANS, Doom Patrol and the one I’m personally waiting for Young Justice: Outsiders

DC Universe didn’t launch any of those  shows today. But it did launch DC Daily. A new daily show dedicated to DC, (I’m thinking it’s their version of what Marvel Digital does) today with a new crew of hosts including Tiffany Smith, Hector Navarro, Markeia McCarty, Brian Tong and the only Captain Jack I will acknowledge, John Barrowman.

During the premiere show, they screened new footage from TITANS as well, and showed us that they’re bringing Jason Todd’s character into the show.

Although the new showed aren’t up on the site yet, they did upload just about every animated show and Batman movie since, well…ever. They also give subscribers access to most of the DC Comics library. And, of course, Detective Comics. Because Batman. A subscription costs $7.99/month or $74.99/year.

And before you think this is a sponsored post, it isn’t. I paid for my subscription just like everybody else. Now I just gotta figure out how I’m going to pay for all of these a la carte streaming services that I now own.

Did you sign up? What do you think of the new DC Universe?









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