Black Ink Film About Black Comics is Funding on Kickstarter and Needs Your Help

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Black Ink Film About Black Comics is Funding on Kickstarter and Needs Your Help

This film is all about African-American comicbook creators, and their kickstarter ends soon! Let’s show them some #blerdsupport !

A new film by up-and-coming production company Headlight Filmworks hopes to re-draw what’s on the illustration board.
Black Ink: Examining the contributions to the comic book industry by people of color, ” takes the imaginations, opinions and possibilities of black comic book illustrators, writers, and producers out of obscurity from the often overlooked world of the black comic artist, and brings that world front-and-center. Black Ink is the brainchild of Headlight Filmworks creator Craig Rippon and his family.

“The comic and graphic novel industry delights millions of fans around the world, but sorely lacks in giving those fans heroes they can enjoy from artist and writers that look like them.” said Rippon. Spotting a niche in an industry where he felt under representation of today’s black artists and writers was a just as popular as the uber-popular world of today’s comic industry, A comic artist himself, he decided to do something about it.” Black Ink gives people, especially people of color, perspective, opinion and representation from artists of color, who in their lifetimes, received black images and storylines created by white artist for black consumption.”

Providing input and perspective are a stable of mainstream and independent black artists and writers. Writer David Walker has penned stories for the likes of Marvel’s Luke Cage: Power Man and Iron Fist, as-well-as DC Comics’ Cyborg and Dynamite Entertainment’s comic adaptation of Gordon Parks’ Shaft. Shawn Martinborough, teams with Robert Kirkman on the long-running Image comic series “Thief of Thieves.” Barbara Brandon Croft brings the issue and presence of black women’s contributions in comics to the world of Black Ink, but also brings the distinction of being the first nationally syndicated African American female cartoonist with her Where I’m Coming From newspaper comic series.

Headlight Filmworks is a media company dedicated to production, promotion and creation of all things in the world of film. Currently, Headlight Filmworks is running a Kickstarter campaign to finance the completion of Black Ink until Fri, April 21 2017 8:23 PM EDT.

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