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I’m back! Three bouts of laryngitis and one new job later and I am finally back with a new podcast! This week’s guest is Greg Anderson of FuseFX. Greg is the visual effects supervisor for several Marvel properties including Luke Cage (remember that punch scene in s1?), The Punisher (remember that kill Frank made from a mile away in the first episode?) Spiderman and The Black List. Currently, Greg is the highest-ranking African-American visual effects supervisor in North America. (You read that right.)

So if you’ve always wanted to know how they created all those cool superhero effects, this is the podcast for you. And keep an eye out, there will be a youtube version of this interview dropping soon so you can really see what Greg’s team does every day! Don’t forget to comment and subscribe! The podcast is currently available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and  Google Play).

Where to find Greg:

FuseFX Website

Facebook: Gregory Anderson

IG: @gregoryanderson