theblerdgurl podcast: David Ajala On Nightflyers, Supergirl and Drunken Prawns

david ajala, nightflyers, theblerdgurl

theblerdgurl podcast: David Ajala On Nightflyers, Supergirl and Drunken Prawns

It’s that time of year folks! In this episode, I’ll give you a little schedule of when a bunch of holiday shows and movies are dropping including Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Aquaman, Bumblebee and more. There’s a bunch of new comics this week as well. In tech news, both Black Friday and Cyber Monday were huge for apps and Marriott’s breach is no joke. On top of that, Facebook is now trying to compete in the streaming game with its new deal with Joss Whedon. Speaking of streaming, today is the day to watch the premiere of Nightflyers, the new outer space thriller based on the novella by George R.R. Martin. This summer I got to host my very first panel at SDCC and it was with the cast! One of the folks I met was actor David Ajala, who stars as the mysterious Captain Roy Eres and is also playing Manchester Black this season on Supergirl. So check out the podcast and then later, live stream the show every day on all SYFY platforms starting 12/2/18. (I’ll be live tweeting during the show’s broadcast premiere at 10PM that day too!) 

david Ajala, nightflyers, theblerdgurl


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