Podcast: How Xmiramira is unapologetically creating space for Black gamers

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Podcast: How Xmiramira is unapologetically creating space for Black gamers

If you are an avid player of The Sims, a life simulation game that let’s players design the lives of simulated characters and watch as they “live” out their scripts, then you know that game has change a lot over the last 20 years. This episode I talk to guest Amira Virgil (aka @Xmiramira) who got tired of seeing the same light or shite characters with the same hairstyles, slothing music and scenarios, decided to create a downloadable ‘Melanin Pack’ mod to give her and friends more diverse characters. Needless to say it was a hit.

Today Xmiramira is Twitch partner, a member of Queen Gaming, an advisor to EA Sports, the creators of the game and has founded her own  gaming community of Black gamers called The Noir Network

This conversation is from my chat with her on theblerdgurl LIVE on Twitch and was recorded back in March of this year.

Xmiramira’s mods have changed The Sims game forever

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Amira Virgil (@Xmiramria)

Comic book series inspired Static Shock, the animated series which ran on the WB Network’s kids block starting in 2000. The show ran for four seasons (also produced and written by McDuffie) influenced an entire generation who grew up with Virgil (voiced by the legendary Phil Lamarr) in their living rooms. The new Milestone, now an imprint within DC Comics finally returned last month with a new story, Static Season One #1.

(Fun fact: It wasn’t Vita’s idea to update Vigil’s origin story, that came from Milestone partner Reginald Hudlin.)


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And if you are looking for more Black women to who mod Sims WATCH THIS

Show Notes

Xmiramira’s Sims Melanin Pak

The Noir Network

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