PODCAST: April Reign spills Oscar TEA!

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PODCAST: April Reign spills Oscar TEA!

So, the Oscars are this weekend. And this is important because of who my guest is this week. It’s none other than April Reign. The creator of the #Oscarssowhite hashtag, businesswoman, activist, mom and so much more! She joined me a couple of weeks ago for a chat the week the Oscars were announced. So we are clearly going to be talking about movies and entertainment and the state of the industry 6 years after she created this movement. I also got the scoop on how she got to go to the Oscar’s last year. I thought the Oscar’s invited her apparently they did not. (ALL THE TEA.)

In this episode, I got a chance to learn a little bit about April’s background. For instance, I’ve had no idea that she had a law degree in campaign finance. She even gives us a little primer on it. Plus, her husband took the bar a second time so he could practice law in the state that she got a new job in. that’s love people!
And we also go into what we are happy about, like Matthew Cherry’s “Hair Love” nomination. The tea in this episode is piping hot!


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