Podcast: A Voyage to the Stars with the Black Version of Phil LaMarr

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Podcast: A Voyage to the Stars with the Black Version of Phil LaMarr

Phil Lamar has voiced over 250 characters in cartoons and anime in his career. As the voice of John Stewart on The Justice League, he was the only Green Lantern I recognized (until N.K. Jemisin created Sojourner of course ). Many of you remember him as the voice of Samurai Jack, or maybe Hermes Conrad on Futurama.  But he’s also an actor (Pulp Fiction) and comedian who honed his skills with The Groundlings and MaDTV.

These days you can find Phil voicing Malefic Jones, on Supergirl, and he’s joined the cast of season 2 of Voyage to the Stars. An improv comedy geek podcast, that feels like a cross between Star Trek and Critical Role. He’ll be joining stars Felicia Day, Janet Varney, Steve Berg and Colton Dunnas the misfit crew who accidentally find themselves on the wrong side of a wormhole.

In this interview we talk about the show, the huge amount of scripted content out there, His work with the Groundlings in LA plus the hilarious comedy short series The Black Version featuring some of your favorite actors and actresses before they were famous. (It’s hilarious.) And of course, we get a few voices thrown in there too.  This was a great conversation with a veteran of the industry that really has a unique perspective on diversity, acting and staying true to your art.

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Episode 21 Notes:

 NYCC Interviews

Ace Comic Con

Voyage to the Stars Podcast 

The Black Version

The Groundlings website

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