Universal Fan Con Coming 2018

January 4, 2017 1 min read No Comments

I am really excited about this brand new convention coming to Baltimore because I know how hard the creators have been working to get this off the ground. On April 27, 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Jamie Broadnax of…

Review: Vigilance Comic

November 6, 2016 1 min read No Comments

Vigilance by indie creator Michael Watson and published by Legacy Rising Publications is the first book in a series of a story about an extraterrestrial woman, who appears to be black, who lands on Earth with incredible superpowers, and equally…

The Black Enterprise Black Comics Roundtable

November 3, 2016 1 min read No Comments

On October 6, 2016. Black Enterprise magazine held a roundtable discussion about black Comics and personally invited indie black creators to participate. (I was actually invited as well, but I had a speaking engagement and couldn’t attend). The creators in attendance…