Allstate Black History Month Campaign Highlights Modern-Day African Americans Whose Stories are “Worth Telling”

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Allstate Black History Month Campaign Highlights Modern-Day African Americans Whose Stories are “Worth Telling”

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In celebration of Black History Month, Allstate Insurance Company today announced the launch of its annual digital, social and radio campaign, “Worth Telling.” This year, the campaign spotlights three African Americans who are making a positive impact on society and inspiring others. With ties to Mobile, Alabama, Philadelphia and New Orleans, these individuals are creating career opportunities for the underserved through barbering, raising awareness about diversity and representation through comics, and providing tools that support the advancement of African Americans through entrepreneurial opportunities.

“Allstate is committed to creating, supporting and sponsoring programs that empower the African-American community,” said Georgina Flores, vice president, Product Marketing, Allstate Insurance Company. “We are celebrating Black History Month by sharing inspirational stories of African-American pioneers who are impacting communities across the country today.”

Through a series of documentary-style videos and supporting content, Allstate will share these individuals’ trailblazing stories at and on the company’s official YouTube, Instagram and Facebook channels using the hashtag, #WorthTelling. The campaign will also run online and on national radio throughout the month of February. In addition, to support each “Worth Telling” individual’s mission and further connect the campaign to their respective local communities, Allstate will host events in Mobile, Philadelphia and New Orleans that highlight the individuals’ outstanding contributions and honor their participation in the “Worth Telling” campaign.

The 2017 Allstate “Worth Telling” campaign will feature: (click on the links to watch each video)

Isaac White, Sr. – Founder of White’s Barber College (Mobile, Alabama)
Teaching a community how to stay a cut above is #WorthTelling.

Isaac White is a pillar in Mobile. He began his career as a barber in the 1940s and opened White’s Barber College in 1960, which offers barbering courses tuition-free to students who complete the work necessary for a barber’s license and secure a job by the end of the program. To many, the college has been a lifeline, and to others, a staple in the Mobile community. Mr. White is a hometown legend, and at 97 years of age, his smile remains undimmed.

Ariell Johnson – Owner, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse (Philadelphia)
Breaking through on diversity and inclusion is #WorthTelling.

Johnson opened Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse as a way to promote diversity and inclusion within the comic book industry. Understanding the significance of African Americans seeing characters that look like themselves depicted as the hero or heroine of a story, she hoped that her shop could help promote the importance of representation in fictional stories. After opening the cafe in December 2015, and becoming a vocal advocate for diversity in the comic book community, Johnson’s likeness appeared on the illustrated cover of MARVEL’s Invincible Iron Man #1.

Aaron Walker – Founder and CEO of Camelback Ventures (New Orleans)
Using ingenuity to improve the collective reality is #WorthTelling.

Walker founded Camelback Ventures to address the inequities of education and social innovation by providing coaching, capital and connections to people of color and women entrepreneurs through a six-month fellowship. Camelback Ventures was built on the notion that genius is equally distributed across communities, but access to funding and start-up mentoring is often limited in communities with people of color. Camelback Ventures has worked with more than 20 early-stage entrepreneurs to give them access to the tools they need to be successful.

To learn more about the Allstate “Worth Telling” Black History Month campaign, please visit or check out #WorthTelling on Facebook and Instagram.


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