Freeform Cloak and Dagger Chicago Screening and Panel Higlights


Freeform Cloak and Dagger Chicago Screening and Panel Higlights


A few weeks ago Freeform reached out and was kind enough to invite me to be on a panel for their new show Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger based on the old comicbook series.The show will make it’s two-hour debut on Freeform on June 7th starting at 8pm EST.  The event was co-sponsored by GirlForward an organization dedicated to empowering refugee girls. Freeform flew me out to Chicago, (where I actually just was a couple of months ago for C2E2 with SYFY), to screen the premiere with contest winners as well as speak on a short panel about the show.

Full disclosure: Freeform has sent me the first four episodes (and I’ll be reviewing those soon) so I’d already seen it before the screening, but it was fun watching with an audience. My quick review is that this is a really good update of a dated comic with some great actors that were directed masterfully by Gina Prince-Blythewood. (Who also serves double-duty as co-executive producer on the show). Although Freeform (formerly the Disney Family Channel) tradtionally has a yonger mostly female demo (Shadowhunters and Bold Type) this one might move the needle a bit towards male audiences as well. I look forward to seeing more from this show. And I promise a more in depth review soon. But in the meantime, here are some images from the event courtesy of Freeform.

cloak and dagger, theblerdgurl
The screening was held ath the historic Logan Theater in Chicago’s Logan Square area.
cloak and dagger, theblerdgurl
I didn’t realize that there was a line outside!
cloak and dagger, theblerdgurl
Everyone got free popcorn and rink tickets!
Myself with panel co-hosts (L-R) Blake Von D, Nikki Lynette and Girls Forward founder and host Blaire Brettschneider

cloak and dagger, theblerdgurl
The panel was fun!

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