Bola Ogun Creates Black Mermaid Film “The Water Phoenix”

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Bola Ogun Creates Black Mermaid Film “The Water Phoenix”

The Water Phoenix, directed and starring actress and filmmaker Bola Ogun launched on Vimeo last week. It’s a short film about a mermaid named Anya, held captive in an aquarium, who falls out of love with her caretaker, Jack, when he fails to follow through with his promise to break her free. Broken-hearted and alone, she must find a way to escape before they move her further away from home.

Bola Ogun stars in The Water Phoenix

Since 2017, The Water Phoenix has been recognized at numerous festivals including: The 2017 LA International Shorts Official Selection (World Premiere), 2017 Catalina Film Festival Official Selection 2017 Citizen Jane Film Festival Official Selection 2017 Sunscreen Film Festival West Official Selection 2018 Terminus Film Festival Official Selection 2018 Etheria Film Tour Selection 2017 Ryan Murphy’s HALF Fest Director’s Showcase 2019 El Rey Network The People’s Network Showcase

The film is very well produced and features impressive effects from such a small budget short. You believe Ogun’s performance as Anya, (I have no idea how she held her breath like that) and it’s not lost on me that her “lover” is a man who wishes to express his love by possessing or owning her. Take a look and tell me what you think.

The Water Phoenix by Bola Ogun

The Water Phoenix Credits:

Executive Producers: Rachel Bloom, Shawn Pipkin, Grayson Maxwell, Marci Skel-ton, and Eugene Skelton

Cast: Bola Ogun, Joseph Dixon, Garrett Sato

Producers: Bola Ogun, Blair Skinner


Bola Ogun Bio

Ogun’s second short film “Are We Good Parents?” had its world premiere at SXSW, took home 2nd Runner for Best Narrative Short at Urbanworld and won Best Short Film/ Emerging Filmmaker at AT&T’s SHAPE Event. Her work has received positive reviews from Black Girl Nerds and Shadow And Act. She honed her strong filmmaking skills and knowledge by working in the production department for 8 years on notable projects such as “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Neighbors,” “Battleship,” “True Detective,” and “Friday Night Lights.” Which led her to produce the Emmy campaign music video for “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”, Vanity Fair’s viral video “Ladyboss” and four Capital Records music videos.

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