Tom and Jerry do NOT talk: theblerdgurl interview with Tim Story and Chlöe Moretz

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Tom and Jerry do NOT talk: theblerdgurl interview with Tim Story and Chlöe Moretz

The new Tom and Jerry Movie is out! And you can watch it on HBOMax right now. I spoke with the director Tim Story (Fantastic Four, SHAFT) and one of the starts Chlöe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass, The Fifth Wave) about the new Warner Brothers Movie and how they really wanted to stay true to the original animation by using 2D effects, motion capture and a clever new piece of software that mimics hand-drawn movements.

In the interview, Story assures us you will NOT hear Tom and Jerry talk. (Most of us are still scarred over the sound of Pikachu’s voice from 2017). “I went back to the original animated short, and the rules are, Tom and Jerry didn’t talk.” Story assured me. Moretz was delighted with the quality of the film. ” When I talked to Tim, he was really on the same page as me; being obsessed with this cartoon. I hope it really comes across the care and adoration we have for this.” Click below to watch the full interview on youtube, or click here to see it on IGTV.! Don’t forget to check out my other interviews on theblerdgurlLIVE and theblerdgurl podcast.

Don’t forget to comment and subscribe over on youtube okay? Did you watch Tom and Jerry? What did you think?

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