Interview with Kit Harington at Ace Comic Con Midwest


Interview with Kit Harington at Ace Comic Con Midwest

The Game of Thrones actor was my very first interview with ACE Comic-Con but I’m so glad he was! He was very kind and although he couldn’t share anything about his upcoming role as Dane Whitman in Marvel’s Eternals (Marvel doesn’t play!). However, we were able to chat a bit about his Game of Thornes co-stars Sophie Turner and Richard Madden (also cast in Eternals) and the fact that HBO still won’t let him have Longclaw. (He’s still very sore about this).

Harington was visibly excited when the conversation switched to Harry Potter. He is legitimately the biggest geek over Harry Potter. He is definitely Gryffindor but felt that he really would have like to be Slytherin. (I still don’t see it). But when I asked him a fan question about which role he’d like to play in a Marauders movie if they ever made one. To everyone’s surprise, he answered, “Snape!”. I had a blast at the con and during this interview. Click the links below to see for yourself.

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