theblerdgurl visits: Tao of Otaku, The Way of the Geek


theblerdgurl visits: Tao of Otaku, The Way of the Geek

In case you missed it, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the gentlemen of Tao of Otaku for the first podcast of their second season. For those of you who don’t know, Tao of Otaku: The Way of the Geek is a podcast hosted by 4 Nigerian friends, Ziki, Obito, Demi and Tolu. Their backgrounds as entrepreneurs, artists, game developers, and manga fans (yes Demi I mean you) are as varied as their locations. (England, Nigeria and America I believe). the podcast is about comics, art, animation and gaming all from an African perspective. Their podast is really interesting and will give you a glimpse of how Africa views media here and vice-versa. Some of the things we talked about was the wildly successful Tuskeegee Heirs campaign, Eric Dean Seaton’s Legend of the Mantamaji , LeSean Thomas’Canon Busters and the upcoming new African Superhero TV show Jongo. We also touched on the African gaming scene, in particular Aurion and Broforce. They are great guys, really dialed in and I was honored that they asked me to join them! Check out the full podcast below:

Tao of Otaku: The Way of the Geek can be found on the web here:


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