Raising Dion star Ja’Siah Young has the childhood we all wish we had

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Raising Dion star Ja’Siah Young has the childhood we all wish we had

Back in 2016, indie comic creator Dennis Liu kickstarted a comic called Raising Dion, a story about a mom secretly raising a boy with superpowers. He also created a trailer for it and we all fell in love with the little black boy who was telelkinteically waving his breakfast cereal around the room.  Blowing past his original Kickstarter goal on Day 1, Liu’s project caught the attention of Michael B. Jordan’ and his production company Outlier Society who produced it for Netflix. 

When Raising Dion first hit streaming, we all got to meet the adorable 8 year old star, Ja’Siah Young my guest today.Now season 2 of Raising Dion is here, and our child hero has Omega level mutant powers, gets superhero training, and is still making his mom worry.

I spoke to Ja’Siah about the new season, his favorite powers, working with Michael B. Jordan and how Naruto got him through one of his toughest scenes.

Ja’Siah Young stars as Dion Warren in Raising Dion

Ja'Siah Young, Raising Dion, Netflix, theblerdgurl
Ja'Siah Young, Raising Dion, Netflix, theblerdgurl
credit: Netflix


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Watch Raising Dion seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix

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