Podcast: Simone Missick is here for the “Lola-Coaster” of ‘All Rise’

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Podcast: Simone Missick is here for the “Lola-Coaster” of ‘All Rise’

I’m convinced that actress Simone Missick is unstoppable. And if you’re a fan of “All Rise” (OWN), then you already know Missick’s character, Judge Lola Carmichael, is a force. Her star has risen quickly over the past few years, starting with Missick’s first big break as Detective Misty Knight in Marvel’s Luke Cage.

She went on to play a role in the spinoff series, “The Defenders”, and while working on “Altered Carbon: for Netflix, landed the lead role on “All Rise.” The series premiered on CBS in 2019 and became CBS’s first Black woman-led prime time show in the network’s history. Unfortunately, despite incredible writing and a loyal fanbase, the series didn’t survive the pandemic, and “All Rise” was canceled in 2021.

Last month the third season of “All Rise” debuted on OWN and included several cast and script changes along with a new onscreen credit for the actress. In this podcast interview, Missick reveals what it was like stepping into her new role as Executive Producer, what it was like joining the OWN family, and if we’ll ever see her and Misty’s bionic arm again.

Season 3 of All Rise starring Simone Missick moved to OWN

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The All Rise mid-season finale airs on Tuesday August 9 at 8/7C on OWN


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