PODCAST: Lewis Tan Talks Wu Assassins and The One and Only Time he Got Knocked Out

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PODCAST: Lewis Tan Talks Wu Assassins and The One and Only Time he Got Knocked Out

I ’m back with a special episode! I got a chance to talk to one of the stars of the new Netflix Show Wu Assassins that just dropped on Netflix. Actor, stuntman and martial artist Lewis Tan. 

In this interview, Tan and I talk about how he was born in England and grew up on Hollywood sets like Tim Burton’s Batman. where his father, Phillip Tan worked as a stunt coordinator. His father is a world champion Muy Thai this kickboxer, which of course he taught to his son. Lewis also ranks in Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu and Kendo. We also talk about the changing image of Asian-Americans in Hollywood and how his roles in Deadpool 2, Into the Badlands, and now Wu Assassins have helped solidify his career. And yes, we did talk about Iron Fist.

This interview was so much fun because I got to reminisce over martial movies and fangirl over styles and techniques. The only thing that would have made my interview with Lewis Tan more fun…was if it was in person. Please listen, comment and subscribe and don’t forget theblerdgurl podcast is now on the Himalaya app! So if you want to leave a little tip in the tip jar, I’d appreciate it!

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