Cloak and Dagger Returns to Freeform with Darkness and Mayhem in 2 Hour Premiere

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Cloak and Dagger Returns to Freeform with Darkness and Mayhem in 2 Hour Premiere

Cloak and Dagger returns Thursday April 4 on Freeform with a 2-hour season premiere of the show’s second season. This time around is definitely going to be darker with more action. If the first season schooled us on the characters powers and origins, then season two definitely feels like mid-terms. Not just for Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Ty (Aubrey Joseph), but judging by the first two episodes, Detective Brigid O’Reilly (Emma Lahana) as well. So here’s my non-spoilerly take on the first two episodes of the new season and what you can expect.

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Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt

Cloak and Dagger’s new season picks up about 8 months after Ty jumped out the window of his house to get away from the cops who framed him for Detective Connor’s murder. The first episode is heavy on dialogue and light on action. Tandy is her usual preachy-self, while Ty broods over his current situation. Now living in the church that Tandy called home in season 1, (don’t worry, she visits), Ty spends his time testing out his powers, playing part-time vigilante and the rest of his days are spent bamf-ing around the city Nightcrawler-style spying on his friends and family.

Poor thing is lonely.

Meanwhile, Tandy is trying to mend things with her mom by attending group counseling sessions with her and taking dance lessons again. She’s basically the complete opposite of her character in season 1. In fact, both characters’ roles have switched closer to their comic book counterparts, with Ty reduced to being homeless and in hiding and Tandy having a loving, yet unhappy home to go home to. Tandy has been bitten by the avenging bug as well, but when they both realize what the other us doing they decide to work together to try to to get evidence to exonerate him. Of course nothing for Tandy and Ty ever goes as planned and the episode ends with a literal bang.

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Noëlle Renée Bercy and Aubrey Joseph

Where episode 1 is slow and deliberate, episode 2 quick and non-linear. Evita and her Aunt Chantelle are folded back into the story along with elements of vodoun in a mélange of mystery. There are three stories in this episode, each told from Tandy, Ty and Brigid’s perspective of what happened after the events of episode 1. Mayhem, Brigid’s alter is definitely gaining strength after her first appearance in the Season 1 finale episode. And if you squint, you can see the connection the writers are making to connect the Vodoun Loa (goddess) Mama Brigitte, the goddess of destruction (or retribution depending on intent) to Brigid’s character. (the name doesn’t hurt either).

This subtle hint leans toward equating Mayhem’s powers to mystical energy and not the chemical bath she took after being shot at the end of Season 1, or her Cloak and Dagger comic book origins. Tandy’s powers are still evolving but it’s Ty that really levels up with the help of Evita. I’m still not convinced that this is his final form however.

Overall, I’m excited about this new season and what it has in store for these characters. I will admit that I miss Gina Prince Bythewood’s touch that could be felt at the beginning of last season. But with Mayhem’s arrival, especially how her powers are revealed in episode 2 should mean that we are in for a very bloody ride this season.

By the way, if anyone sees Father Delgado tell him I said “Hi!”


Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger,” premieres its second season on Freeform with two all-new, back-to-back episodes on Thursday, April 4 (8:00 p.m. – 10:01 p.m.)

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