raychelle burks, theblerdgurl

Ever wonder if the science and tech that you see in comic book movies could actually happen in real life? Could someone really create a new element in their living room like Tony Stark did in Iron Man 2? What real-life poisonous plant, might have actually killed King Joffrey in Game of Thrones? What polymer might Hulk’s pants be made out of? Could Spider Man’s webs be replicated in a real lab?  Must me walk around with two decaying corpses to ward off a horde of zombies? Well, these are some of the questions I got to ask analytical chemist Dr. Raychelle Burks in my interview with her. This interview was so much fun! There was lot’s of giggling mixed in with a load of science. Dr. Burk is not to be missed! You can also check her out on the Science Channel’s awesome show Outrageous Acts of Science. Click the link below to watch the interview!


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