Once the election results came in and Trump was declared President-elect, I knew I would have to start boycotting things, New Balance, I can live without, but today when #Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gave Trump his “blessing” I was saddened. Why? Because I really like Amazon Prime and I get most of my comics through Comixology, an Amazon-owned company. *sigh* Now for many of you it is really easy to get to your local comic book shop. And you should absolutely continue to suppport them. But for me, it’s not always that easy, so I put together this little list of places I have ordered comics from in the past in case you want some alternatives.

midtown comics, theblerdgurl, jeff bezosMidtown Comics


westfieldcomics, theblerdgurl, comics, jeff bezosWestfield Comics


peepgame_final2-1PeepGame Comix

tfaw-logo-copy, jeff bezos, TFAW


If these places look familiar, that’s because I also mentioned them in my post about How to Pre-Order Comics (which you should also be doing.)

The Bezos tweet that made me question everything….

But then again, maybe Bezos is just responding to this.


  • What do you think? Will you keep buying from Amazon and Comixology?